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Inspiration from Great Coffee

Some mornings it's just plain hard to be inspired. That's what we are all about though. So, along comes the cup of coffee. By the pot or fast one cup systmes. Keurig Kcups are very popular. These single serving cups make one cup of coffee. No more making a pot w2hen you only want one cup. Kcups save you from having to make more coffee than you need, time, and sometimes money.  They make it so everyone can have their personal flavor or preference. If you have coffee with people who prefer flavored coffee while you would rather have a plain cup, K-Cups make it easy.

Some people complain the Kcups produce plastic waste. Each cup of coffee is its own little cup so those little cups add up to a lot of plastic in landfills. One of the ways to save plastic is to reuse the cups. With a special cap, like the reusable My-Kap for, the cups can be reused many times. You use your own ground coffee, a cleaned out K-cup, and the plastic My-Kap lid.

Another reason to reuse Keurig cups is that it will save you money. Each discount k-cup costs around 45-55 cents which adds up over time. When you reuse them you can get your favorite coffee, and refill the cups. You will still have the convenience of brewing a single cup at a time, and you will be able to get the coffee at a better price.

Keurig K-Cups are a convenient way to enjoy very fresh coffee. They ensure that your coffee is always fresh and you can brew a different kind of coffee every time if you like. With the new re-sealable bags with vacuum valves you can keep a whole bag of coffee fresh.

While single disposable cups can create a lot of waste, you can cut down on the waste by reusing your cups and finding new purposes for your used K-Cups. Enjoy a cup of fresh coffee today, save money and be more environmentally friendly.