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Reverse that Deflated Feeling in your Teenager

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It can break your heart, watching your teen wasting a brilliant mind. This is probably your perception of your unmotivated, and at times, downright lazy, child. Knowing that they are so smart, and are able to achieve anything, but seem to be unable to, can be very distressing. The structure of today's testing can ruin a teen's chances of entering a good college, when grades fall below a certain point.

Refuse to Add to the Misery

Some parents use discipline as a way of trying to get their teen back into the groove of studying. If a child is depressed or has problems, this could actually hurt, more than help. Whatever their personal problems may be, giving them further grief is not the answer. Instead, try turning the situation into a learning situation that benefits everyone. Talk to your teen and discover what the trouble is. Only then can you understand the dynamics of the situation. There are a variety of problems that can be talked through and solved.

Once you are able to see what your your teenager is experiencing, you can discover ways to help make the path smoother. A trip to a physician, therapist, speaking with school teachers or looking into a tutor could make a world of difference in why your child is so miserable.

The Road to Mending

A teenager may need some time to bounce back to where you feel they once were. Give them space, and time, without pushing to see fast results. Set a timeline for your son or daughter, and yourself. During this slow, painful wait, try a few helpful strategies.

Ask teachers to correspond with you regularly about your teen's emotional state in the classroom

There are subtle things that a parent can do to help their teen bounce back from troubles. If you think really hard, you can remember a trauma of your own, while in high school. What would have been a big help to you, during this time? Problems may take different shapes and forms, but it is still tough being a teenager. Try to stay in the background but never lose sight that your suggestions and actions are very much appreciated by your teen.

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