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Parents are the Inspiration and Hope for Troubled Teens

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All of us parents want the absolute best for our kids. In our attempt to cop with our own busy lives we sometimes don’t really know our kids, especially teens who tend to be much more private. We can neglect to see the early warning signs of a troubled teen needing help. This means that your teen is displaying certain negative characteristics that are really trying to grab your attention. We are all busy in our own lives but as parents we have a responsibility to know what’s going on in our kids’ lives and keep them on the right track to productive adulthood.

Even though your teen may be seventeen and almost emancipated, he or she still thinks like a child and not an adult. Warning signs that may indicate a troubled teen include isolation, a whole new set of friends, problems at school, drug and alcohol use, and depression or anxiety. Some of these problems require proffesional help and possibly therapeutic boarding school.

Isolation of Your Teenager

For your teenager, it means the world to have friends. If you begin noticing that your teen begins to like being alone a lot, it’s time to find out why. Some teens are very shy, but even they have at least one best friend.

Peer Groups

New friends you were never introduced to - this spells TROUBLE. If your teenager begins to hang out with a whole new group of friends and doesn’t ever mention who they are or where they live, it’s time that you drag the information out of her. You know the saying, "One bad apple spoils the whole bunch."  You certainly do not want your child to be spoiled by one bad teenager. Your teen may begin to dress differently too; to match her new friends. This is just one more clue for you to step in.

Problems at School

Other troubled teen signs are trouble at school. Falling grades or lying about completing assignment are a sign there has been a change. If she fails to do assignments even though you ask if she completed her work and she always said "yes", then something it’s time to find out what is wrong. Sometimes a teenager just won't want to go to school and her absenteeism goes through the roof. Your teenager may begin to have disputes with some of their teachers. These are all warning signs that you must step in and help your teen the best you can or else seek professional help for her.

Drugs and Alcohol

Trying a little alcohol a taste or experimenting with weed may be part of the experience all teenagers have to go through this day and age. However, when a parent's pills are missing or your child is showing erratic and strange behavior something has changed. When in doubt, check it out.

Some people may totally disagree with the following advice but it could save your child’s life. When your teenager goes to school, look though her room and especially her dresser drawers' way in the back. My girls went on vacation and my husband went into my daughter's room and found my bottle of ninety tablets of Ativan. The bottle was empty. She had taken those pills in about the space of only a few weeks. She had stolen them. Yes, she was hooked on drugs. We did and are getting her help but we missed the early signs.

Depression and Anxiety

You may find that your child may really have some deep-seated emotional issues particularly if you notice the word "suicide" in your computer's search engine. Your teen may also start wearing long sleeved shirts because she may be cutting herself with razor blades. These all signs that you as a parent must step in and lend a helping hand. You do not want your teenager to commit the ultimate act.

In closing, I just want you to think about one other danger sign. If your child disappears right after eating or she eats hardly anything, do NOT let this go on. I am sorry I did. Our daughter is being treated for anorexia and bulimia. We could have caught it sooner but it was not until she began passing out that our eyes were opened. This can happen to boys as well as girls. Parents, please watch over the children that God gave you. I think the most important advice I can give it that you pay attention to your kids. Know them, their lies dislikes, habits, wardrobe, friends. If you are involved, you will be able to see the early signs of trouble and step in to help.