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Motivating Your Troubled Teen

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Do you have a troubled teen at home that you just can't motivate? Is he just not interested in school? Are you even posssibly at your wits end and looking into residential programs for troubled teens. Education is so important today in so many ways, but especially for your teen to get a steady job as he goes into adulthood. You just wish you could make him understand that now before it is too late. If this sounds like you, here are tips for motivating a depressed or troubled.

Being of Help to Your Teen

I have been through the teenage years with two boys and all their ups and downs. Both my boys have a desire to succeed even when they have their ill moods. One gets good grades in school, while the other one struggles badly. The one is my troubled teen I am working to motivate. He just doesn't realize how to reach his goals. I have found the following are beginning to be effective:

These have given him some valuable tools to help him succeed. His grades are slowly improving, and he is becoming a bit more motivated each day. Parent support is a must for the depressed teen.

Learn the Fears of Your Teenager

Learn what fears your teenager has so you can help him face them. This is not often that easy for parents, but it is necessary so you can help your teen to get over his fears. Many times, when fear shows up it is interpreted as rebellion or not caring. Sometimes the troubled teen does not take part in group activities, because he is afraid of being laughed at or criticized. It is not always rebellion. He might be shy over his acne or weight. Remember that a teen's appearance means almost too much to him.

Fears happen for various reasons. Some of these reasons are below:

By helping your depressed teen face and overcome his fears, like I am with mine, you can help him become focused on success. He will see that his fears have kept him from accomplishing many things. He will be more than happy to set goals and work towards once the apprehension is gone.

There are many steps to take before looking into a troubled teen residential program. I pointed to this persons post in Birmingham becasue when I cam accross it I felt motivated to ehlp others not get in this predicament. Troubeld teen residential programs are a long way, the end?, step to take if nothing else works.

When your troubled teen finally decides to go after his goals, you may find that he is lacking certain skills to help him get there. Maybe he needs to improve his reading, math and/or social skills. These are all things that you can help him with I have with my teen who has a hard time. You will see in a short time that your teen becomes untroubled and more focused on success.

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